FitCamp@home  - 12 Days of Fitness


LETS GO!! Make sure you have read and agreed the PAR-Q medical form and disclaimer, and that you have weighed, measured  and taken photos.

Yes take the photos – I know you may not want to BUT YOU MUST. They are important for measuring progress. You can keep them private but do get out of your comfort zone & take them if body shape change is one of your goals.

You may be surprised when you compare the before & after pictures at the end.

The focus of the programme is to load your body with good nutrients and increase your metabolism and level of fitness.

The workouts will be tough and I guarantee that you will be sore this week if you are new to this way of exercising.

I will give you information and advice on how to relieve and manage the soreness.

It is really important that you persevere with the sessions even when you feel like it is impossible!

Just remember that this is your journey to a healthier you & that you will get the results that you deserve.

It is not going to be easy but the results will be worth it at Christmas.


There are 3 Tiers of workout  for you to choose from with Tier 1 being suitable for all. Tier 2 &Tier 3 are more intense workouts ideal for those who have already done one of my programmes before.

Once you have chosen your Tier click the link below  and then pick one workout to do each day. Do the workouts in order.

Perform one workout  in the morning then again in the evening if possible.

Workout Support