Do you want to look and feel fabulous this Christmas Party Season?

12 Days of Fitness : Christmas Pre-Tox

The festive build up is usually hectic and stressful, and can leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and bloated.

A lack of time, mixed with fatigue and cold dark nights make exercise and healthy eating a real challenge. By the time Christmas finally arrives you are exhausted and run down.

You enjoy the festive food and drink and hit new year with your body totally out of balance, knowing that it is going to be a lot of work to get your mojo back.

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way!

You Can Get a Head Start Now with an Immune Boosting - Pre Tox.

In 12 days you can boost your immune system and get yourself physically and mentally in shape so that you can avoid festive fatigue and enjoy Christmas to the max.

Our 12 days of Fitness Pre-tox programme focuses on nourishing your body from inside to out, getting it in balance before you take it out of balance during the party season.

Here is what you get on our FitCamp@home - 12 Days of Fitness Christmas Pre-Tox

  • Daily 10-14 minute online video workouts

    That you can do at home, so you don’t have to waste valuable time going to the gym.

    The videos are a follow along with me online workout so you don’t have to learn the names of the exercises and will always have an encouraging voice working with you.

    The workouts require no equipment other than a computer, smartphone or tablet and are suitable for all abilities so you can get started and have a great workout straight away where ever you are.

  • An energising nutrition plan

    That will boost your immune system and is flexible enough to fit around any parties. There is no calorie counting, no going hungry and no extreme detoxes.
    The plan includes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you don’t have to keep eating the same boring meals over and over again.

  • Secret Facebook Support Group

    To keep you connected with other like minded people on the programme and with myself to keep you accountable. Join the group and you will not feel like you are doing it all on your own.

  • Christmas Damage Limitation Guide

    All of the information that you need for the pre-tox and  to get you through the whole festive period feeling great.

    • 30 Great tasting recipes that everyone will enjoy
    • Snacks and treats that won’t leave you feeling bloated
    • A structured plan that will keep you on track until New Year
    • Simple home workouts and lots of insider tips

A money back Guarantee

If you follow all of the guideline and you are not feeling energised and happy with how you feel  by New Year I’ll personally refund ALL of your money.

This programme is not for everyone

There is no magic wand, no magic pills or shakes, you need to be committed to nourishing your body from the inside out by eating, sleeping and exercising your way towards the party season.
There is room for some flexibility in the programme but there is no room for excuses.
This programme will educate you & teach you a way of exercising that melts fat, gets you very fit & can be done anywhere anytime with little or no equipment.
If you are  someone who really wants to get maximum results with minimum fuss, without counting points, without preparing faddy foods and without spending hours at the gym, then this programme is for you.

If you too want to look & feel great this Christmas then it is time to INVEST in you and take action NOW.

The 12 Days of Fitness  is brought to you for just £12

(That is just £1.00 a day to ensure you  feel good about yourself and energised this Christmas)


If you want to look great THROUGHOUT the festive season and not feel exhausted and bloated  in January

Then this is perfect for you.

Remember if nothing changes then nothing changes.

Take action and invest in yourself before it's too late.

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