69 Rules To Becoming An Invincible Woman


As a Transformation & Performance Coach I help busy women to take back control of  their mind, body and lifestyle. After many years of teaching and coaching and being coached myself  I’ve put together a list of rules and life lessons  that will help you become  Invincible in your  body, mind, relationships and business so that you have the power to achieve what you want in life. I have also put these rules into a download so that you can print it off as a visible reminder to help motivate and inspire you every day. Full details of how to get your copy are at the bottom of this page.


  • 1

    Fuel Your Body

    With the most nutritious food possible - Protein, veg, good fats & starchy carbs when needed & track your intake.

  • 2

    Keep Hydrated

    To keep the body and mind functioning at its’ best. Minimum 2L.

  • 3

    Protect Your Health

    7 days a week, not just Monday to Friday.

  • 4

    Wine & Chocolate

    Understand the importance of them both.

  • 5

    Exercise Every Day

    Even if its’ just 10 mins HIIT.

  • 6

    Lift Weights

    2-3 times a week.

  • 7

    Protect Your Energy

    And get 7-8 hours sleep if you can.

  • 8

    Rest Is Required

    For high level performance, it's not a reward. Slow down so that you can speed back up again mentally & physically.

  • 9

    Listen to Your Body

    And act on the feedback that it gives you.

  • 10

    Measure Progress

    In a way that serves you as we are happiest when we are progressing.

  • 11

    Have A Massage

    Every 4-6 weeks

  • 12

    80/20 Rule

    Live by the 80/20 rule.

  • 13

    You’re Mentally Stronger Than You Think

    When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done. 


  • 14

    Your Current Reality

    Take FULL responsibility for it. You created it, you are in control of what is possible moving forwards.

  • 15

    Know What You Want

    And how you WANT to feel otherwise you will drift.

  • 16


    Know your why & use it to fuel your progress.

  • 17

    Set Goals

    Outcome and process goals or your mind will create problems for you to solve.

  • 18

    Do What You Said

    You would do & understand the power of what needs to be done today to take care of tomorrow.

  • 19

    Enjoy the Ride

    Life is a journey, not a destination - there is no happy ending to an unhappy journey.

  • 20

    Journal Your Wins

    And celebrate them to build and protect confidence.

  • 21

    Meditate Daily

    To slow down your thinking.

  • 22

    Question Your Thoughts

    And beliefs as they create your reality. If you believe you can’t you can’t.

  • 23

    Question Your Excuses

    What you feel is always right, however, the root of those feelings may be based on lies.

  • 24

    Live in the Present

    And embrace whatever is happening right now.

  • 25

    Flip Negatives

    And take positive action, do positive, not think positive.

  • 26

    Focus on Facts

    As feelings and emotions blind you and you will become a victim to them.

  • 27

    Go After Your Dreams

    Go with your instinct & live the life you want regardless of what others will say.

  • 28

    Embrace Fear

    And use it to push you forward not hold you back.

  • 29

    Choose Your Reactions

    And FOCUS wisely as stress, suffering and happiness are choices & you get what you focus on.

  • 30

    Good & Bad Experiences

    Are only the perceptions of man.

  • 31

    Should & Shouldn’t

    Don’t exist they come from comparison. So don’t use them

  • 32

    Nothing Changes

    If nothing changes. Change your beliefs to change your behaviour and results.

  • 33

    Increase your Capacity

    To deal with stress rather than avoiding it, letting it build up or masking it.


  • 34


    Yourself and others.

  • 35

    Invest In Yourself

    As it’s the best investment you can make. You are the most important person in your life.

  • 36

    Be Your Own BFF

    (Best friend) as you’re going to be with yourself for a long time.

  • 37

    Give Up On

    Who you think you should be & accept who you are. Let go of your limiting beliefs.

  • 38

    Be True To Yourself

    In all of your actions & the truth will set you free. Your life takes on a whole new level of joy you never thought possible.

  • 39

    Stay Present

    In your own life and mentally out of other peoples. A lot of our stress comes from mentally living out of our own business and in other peoples.

  • 40

    Your Perception of Others

    Is a reflection of your own reality. Remember this when you go to criticise others.

  • 41

    Don’t Take Criticism

    Personally, as it’s not really about you.

  • 42

    Don't Compare Yourself

    To others as we are all different. Compete with yourself.

  • 43

    Empathise & Understand

    That everyone is doing the best for them & you will stop wasting time and energy on being angry and annoyed.

  • 44

    You Can Blame Others

    For their actions but it’s your responsibility to deal with it.

  • 45

    Learn To Let Go

    Learn to say no without guilt & explanation, admit & apologise when you are wrong.

  • 46

    Give & You Will Receive

    The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Give more than you receive.

  • 47

    Give Your Friends

    The time and effort they deserve. Don’t get so caught up in your own life that you let great friendships slip.

  • 48

    Give To Yourself

    Be willing to give to yourself and do so with joy, not with guilt. (Tony Robbins)

  • 49

    Ask For Help

    When you are struggling as it’s the easiest way to get what you want.

  • 50

    Teach By Example

    Rather than preach as trust and loyalty come from seeing results.

  • 51

    Be a Good Role Model

    As your children will model your behaviour.

  • 52

    Don’t Expect

    Others to do what you aren’t willing to do.

  • 53


    Acknowledge the people & things you appreciate every day.

  • 54

    Tell Your Partner

    And Family what you love & appreciate about them.

  • 55

    Surround Yourself

    With people on the same mission as you as they will support and push you to a higher level.

  • 56

    Keep Accountable

    Publicly or to a coach - as it’s too easy to fail in private


  • 57

    You Must Fully Commit

    As you don’t get what you want, wish for or need you get what you ruthlessly commit to.

  • 58

    Take Small Steps

    To get BIG results as big steps can be overwhelming & hard.

  • 59

    Consistent Action

    Not perfect action is the key to long term success.

  • 60

    Chase Happiness

    Not money as the 2 are not the same.

  • 61

    Keep Things Simple

    As when we complicate things we give ourselves an excuse to fail.

  • 62

    Be Prepared

    Preparation precedes victory. Preparation plus planning = success.

  • 63

    Get Away From Comfort

    As anything that matters in your life is not going to be convenient or comfortable.

  • 64


    Some days are all about surviving. You will have bad days and its ok.

  • 66

    Get 1% Better Every Day

    Practice & study every day to increase your capability.

  • 66


    Does not equal transformation so stop collecting information & take action on it.

  • 67

    Do What The Majority

    Are NOT willing to do.

  • 68

    Set Deadlines


  • 69


    Absolutely EVERYTHING.

When you become Invincible in mind & body  you have the power to achieve what you want in life.

The busy modern woman can have it all.

A career, hobbies, family, regular holidays a social life, to look and feel amazing and feel valued for what she does.

So get started on applying these rules to your life.

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