FitCamp@home - 8 Week Transformation Workouts

Month 2 (Week 5)

LETS GO!!  Make sure you have weighed, measured taken photos & set your goals. Taking measurements and completing your truth diary  is an integral part of this programme so make sure that you record them accurately.



You need to find a routine that fits in with your work & family.

You need to listen to your body a little. If you are feeling excessively tired because you have not had the sleep that you need (8 hours unbroken)  then only do one workout. If you are just feeling a little sluggish because it has been a busy & mentally tiring day then the workout will reenergise you.

We are stepping things up a little with the workouts this month.

If you have dumbells or a resistance band then these can be used for the strength & power workouts to increase the intensity.

If you do not have dumbells you can make your own using plastic bottles filled with water or sand.

The 4 pint milk bottles with handles are pretty good for this.

Warm Up Video 1

Warm Up Video 2

Warm Ups & Finishers

Day 1

You have a choice of workout today depending on when you last did a Fitness Test. If your last Fitness test was more than 2 weeks ago then do the fitness test on day 1. If you have done the programme Fitness Test in the last 2 weeks then do Day 1 – Casablanca

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

  • 300

    Day 4: 300 - Aerobic Workout

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 7 - No intense exercise today.

Try to go for a walk of at least 30 minutes & do some stretching.

Please use the stretching document in the downloads section