FitCamp@home - Month 4 - YBR

Yellow Brick Road

Week 2

I hope that we are keeping on track.

The focus for this week is to increase the intensity of the workouts and to keep pushing ourselves forward.

Keep reading the educational information and implementing as much as you can.


Daily Routine

1.Upon waking drink  a pint of water

2.Perform  Workout & post in the  Facebook Group how you got on.

3.Greens drink if using greens.

4.Meal 1 + Supplements

5. Meal 2

6. Afternoon / evening: Repeat Workout

7. Meal 3

8. Review your day, goals, plan & prepare for tomorrow

9. Post in the Facebook Group how you have done today &  any questions

10. Bed early!


To be completed at least once a day & try to do two workouts on 3 days each week. This can be back to back or morning & evening.

To increase the intensity of some of the workouts dumbells can be used when doing squats, lunges and their variations & also renegade rows.


Have you been trying any new meal & snack ideas or are  you having the same things most days or weeks. It is important to remember to have variety.  To alternate the types of protein and the different  colours of vegetables so that you get all of the necessary nutrients every few days.

If you are struggling to get the variety then its wise  to take some of the recommended supplements.
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Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Next Step...

Day 12

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill

    Day 12: Kill Bill - HIIT strength Workout

Day 13

Day 14

  • Stretches

    Day 14 : 30 mins walking and stretches

Week 3