FitCamp@home - Month 4 - YBR

Yellow Brick Road

Week 3

I hope that we are ready for another week of moving  your health & fitness forward.

The focus is once again  to increase the intensity of the workouts and to keep pushing ourselves.

Keep on track & positive.


Daily Routine

1.Upon waking drink  a pint of water

2.Perform  Workout & post in the  Facebook Group how you got on.

3.Greens drink if using greens.

4.Meal 1 + Supplements

5. Meal 2

6. Afternoon / evening: Repeat Workout

7. Meal 3

8. Review your day, goals, plan & prepare for tomorrow

9. Post in the Facebook Group how you have done today &  any questions

10. Bed early!


To be completed at least once a day & try to do two workouts on 3 days each week. This can be back to back or morning & evening.

To increase the intensity of some of the workouts dumbells can be used when doing squats, lunges and their variations & also renegade rows.


Are we managing to stick to good nutrition or are we in need of a get back on track detox?

Go back to your 7 day fat blast plan if you need to get back on track.

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Week 4