Tier 3 - 10 minute Workouts - Week 1

The workouts are taken  from the original Fat Loss Acceleration Programme - FLAP

Complete the workouts in the correct order, starting with a Fitness Test.

Some of the workouts do include the use of a skipping rope, gliders,  dumbells, step & swiss ball. The exercises can be performed without the equipment.


Skipping - do high knee sprints on the spot.

Dumbells  - use filled 4pint plastic milk bottles

Swiss Ball - Just use the floor or a large cushion

Step - floor , low table, edge of the sofa or bottom stair.

Gliders - Paper plates on a smooth floor - plastic plates or hotel room service menus! on carpet.

Day 1: Fitness Test

Day 2: Burpees and Core  - 40/20

Day 3: Squats and Abs  - 40/20

Day 4: Swiss ball and wts  - 40/20

Day 5: Skipping or high knee runs  and Burpee matrix - 45/15

Day 6: Conditioning Challenge

Day 7: REST - 20 minute walk , stretches & foam rolling - see Workout Support

Week 2