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Here's Why...

If you're fed up with how you currently look and feel or you're frustrated by the lack of results that you are getting with your current health and fitness regime then it is time to make some real changes and I am here to help you do just that.

At Combined Fitness we don’t just train you we coach, inspire & support you to be the best possible version of yourself. Our programmes focus on changing your thinking so that you are able to make better choices, forge new habits and make switches to your lifestyle that will bring you long term success and happiness.


Allow me to introduce myself...

I am Kerry Eddie a fellow busy modern woman. I'm a mum and the founder of Combined Fitness where we help women over the age of 40 to transform their mind, body and lifestyle.

As a  businesswoman and mother I know what it's like to feel frustrated and stuck. Trying to be everything to every one, running a home, looking after the family, your partner, working and trying to keep it all together. It leaves you with very little energy and limited time to look after yourself and as a result your body, mind and relationships suffer.

This all means that getting back in shape and restoring your health and energy has to be done without too much of a time commitment, without sacrificing everything you love and without killing yourself in the gym.

I 'm known for my Fitcamp and Fitcamp@home Transformation Programmes,  my  'Invincible' coaching (that helps women re-programme their mind and create powerful change in all areas of their life) and my expertise as a Great Britain athletics performance coach.

I have been involved in fitness, education and performance  long enough to know that it is extremely hard to achieve your goals and dreams on your own.

So…if you're a mum, a business owner, a busy professional, a grandmother or all of these I’m here to help you live the life that you  deserve in a body that you love without giving up all of your favourite foods, spending hours in the gym or relying on will power.


Why listen to me?

I have 26 years of experience in performance sport, fitness, education and coaching.

After spending 13 years as an International athlete, while studying sport science and teaching PE. Followed by 12 years as an elite performance coach, National coach mentor and personal trainer.

I know what it takes to get your mind and body to perform at the highest level and how to teach and coach others to reach their potential physically and get the results that they want.

I have helped hundreds of people of all ages and levels to develop their physical and mental abilities, and have inspired and empowered them to push their own boundaries and change their lives for the better.

My systems and training methods have consistently helped people drop up to 5 stone in weight, lose the last bit of stubborn fat, take on physical challenges, hit Personal Best performances in competitions, eradicate long standing knee and back problems, have more control over their anxiety and depression, reduce stress, make career moves, earn more money, reignite their relationships and live more fulfilled lives.

It hasn't always been easy

When I started my Transformation Programmes the results that people were getting were amazing but not everyone was able to maintain their results. Many drifted back to their old ways which is not what transformation is about. So I spent the next three years studying and researching at the expense of my own health, relationships and business growth. Then at breaking point I found two coaches who turned my life and business around. They taught me the missing link of how to break the start stop cycle of self sabotage that was keeping myself and others stuck. " re-programming the subconscious mind"


My Passion & Philosophy

I believe that everyone deserves to be successful and happy.

But not everyone believes it themselves. Some need a little help to change their perspective and beliefs.

I hate to see people struggling with no energy, unhappy with how they look and feel when I know that getting back to the basics of how we are designed to live and changing how they think is all they need to unlock their potential and live a happy and fulfilled life.

With the right guidance and coaching, you can overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back, you can improve your mind and body, you don't have to spend years suffering while you try to work it out yourself

I have dedicated my adult life to helping others achieve success and happiness.

If YOU are ready to get to where YOU want to be then


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