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Then it's time to invest in your health and fitness and start on the path to creating lasting change.


Now I know this won’t be the first time that you've tried to get yourself in better shape and I want you to know that it's not your fault. The food and advertising industry have bombarded us with conflicting information. The big weight loss companies and commercial gyms base their business models on you having short-term success and repeatedly failing. There is a big secret that they're hiding from you

"That dieting and exercise alone will not get you long-term results."

The truth is to achieve lasting results you have to change how you think about nutrition, exercise and health.
To be able to manage the stresses of modern living and change your habits back to how we are designed to live and thrive without relying on restriction and will power; you have to upgrade your mindset.

You must have a system in place to break down the patterns of behaviour (your core beliefs and habits) that have prevented you from living in a body of health and build new ones that will serve you and put you back in control your life and body.

And that is where I can help you.

I have a proven formula that helps frustrated women breakthrough the barriers that are holding them back, that re-programmes their mindset and gives them the tools to become INVINCIBLE in mind and body, and the power to achieve what they want in life.

I use my 26 years of experience in performance sport, fitness, education and coaching to teach you and other busy women how to open your mind and create a shift in how you view yourself, exercise, nutrition and your lifestyle. I also teach you the same strategies that I have used to go from being a stuck, worn out business woman and mum to being back in the shape of my life, with endless energy, while turning my marriage & business around, spending more time with my family and feeling valued for what I do.

I know exactly how to get you results without you having to rely on will power and giving up everything you love to succeed.

I also know the critical mistakes to avoid so that you don’t give up and fail yet again.

I’ll not only help you get the results that you have always wanted but you’ll have fun and will enjoy the process along the way.

With the right system the busy modern woman can have it all.

A career, hobbies, family, deep connected relationships, regular holidays a social life, to look and feel amazing and feel valued for what you do.

So if you are ready to live the life that you deserve in a body that that you love without giving up all of your favourite foods, spending hours in the gym, or relying on will power then apply for a place on one of my Transformation Programmes.



Check out some of our success stories.

"I've had an incredible 8 week journey. I have energy and motivation that i've not felt in a long time.....okay ever!!

I lost 17 inches and 9lbs and have adapted to lots of new habits.

I've tried gyms and faddy diets but not stuck to anything.

Kerry Eddie you rock - I don't know how you put up with us but thank you so much for your constant support and inspiration and your words of wisdom when we hit a stumbling block "



Transformation Programmes

We have two Transformation Programmes. Our 8 Week Programme that focuses on exercise, nutrition and habit change. This is delivered locally through our Indoor & Outdoor FitCamps or online through our FitCamp@home Programme. Then for those who want lasting results FASTER we have our INVINCIBLE Woman Accelerator Programme here that is more personalised coaching with a big focus on re-programming the mind, to enable you to create powerful change and achieve success in all areas of life.


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