7X your results this year

You’re 7 times more likely to get results on a group programme than you are on your own.

It’s a weight watcher statistic from a few years back

And I totally agree with it.

It’s the same with any area that you are trying to improve.

It’s why I’m ALWAYS in at least 1 coaching group and usually 2, one for business and one for mindset and life

I also see the same statistics with my FitCamp & Invincible Women Programmes.

Those that follow the programme and get involved get results.

Those who just do bits of it, try to do their own thing and don’t keep themselves accountable don’t get the same results.

There are 3 main reasons for this:

  1. A proven programme
  2. Association
  3. Accountability

Proven Programme – our nutrition plans and exercise regimes along with guidance on habit and mindset change are proven to work for a large percentage of people on our FitCamp programmes.

They have been tried and tested with hundreds of people over the years and are continually being tweaked and improved along with the latest scientific research.

Our Invincible Women system has given women the tools and support they need to transform their mind & body, to change the way they think, and the power to achieve what they want in all areas of their life.

Association – In our group programmes you are surrounded by like minded people who are in a similar position to you and so understand you.

As a result they will support, help and encourage you to do better.

Accountability – External accountability keeps people on track when the going gets tough and you can’t be bothered.

On our programmes you keep score with your nutrition, habits and results each week.

You review your progress, declare your intentions for the next week and report all of this back to me the coach.

You can also make yourself accountable to the rest of the groups in our Private Support groups.

So if you have tried on your own many times to make lasting changes to how you look and feel but have failed then sign yourself up to a structured group programme.

One that guarantees results, that helps you manage stress and your mind and that has built in support and accountability

And also one that has an experienced coach with a proven record to guide and push you.

Yes our Programmes have all of these.

We guarantee that if you follow our programmes you’ll be happy with your results or your money back.

So if you want a big change and lasting results then it’s time to join a results driven GROUP programme.

Here is what I offer:

  1. Our 8 Week FitCamp programme that focuses on exercise, nutrition, mindset and habit change.
  2. 28 Day Invincible Women Confidence & Life Overhaul. An online programme that helps women re-wire their mindset, supercharge their energy, build their confidence, and put them back in control of their lives and happiness.
  3. Join our FREE Invincible Women Community with regular challenges, coaching advice & support to help you become super confident https://www.facebook.com/groups/2338568656465729/

 Comment or message me for further details.

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