It’s so easy to fall into the trap of not looking after yourself as you’re too busy looking after everyone else. It’s something I hear from a lot of woman as a reason that they’ve let themselves get out of shape and let their own health and well-being suffer.

It’s almost innate for women to look after others first, especially when its your own family. Many see it as selfish to do things for themselves when other NEED them.

It’s not 

It’s the best gift that you can give to those who you love. 

The gift of your own happiness. You owe it to everyone in your life to be the best possible version of you. The best example you can set for your children is of being in control and happy not a stressed, snappy, emotional wreck.

It’s selfish to be a poor version of yourself!!!

You all know what they say in the safety talks on aeroplanes?

Fit your own oxygen mask first. If you are not able to breath you will not be able to help your children to breath.

This putting everyone else first leads us to self sabotage, to unhealthy habits and eventually burn out, injury or illness.

We feel permanently tired, stressed, feeling like our life is out of control. We’re snappy, and emotional, to get through the day we may resort to caffeine in the morning to get us going. Then we reach for more caffeine and or sugar mid morning and in the afternoon for another pick me up, no time to eat so we grab whatever snacks or comfort food we can. Then we hit the wine bottle in the evening to unwind and at the weekend to enjoy ourselves. 

Within a matter of weeks our health, body shape, fitness and confidence are gone.

So what can you do to start putting yourself first?

=== Invest in yourself ===

Can you find just 12-30 minutes a day to invest in YOU 
to make you less stressed, more motivated and happier? 

Start you day feeling confident, calm and energised  with these 5 simple strategies:

  1. Wake up & stay away from your phone
  2. Drink some water
  3. Do 10-15 slow deep breaths 
  4. Write down 3 things that make you feel happy. 
  5. Do 10-20 mins of exercise to energise the body and mind.
    (Not sure what to do then pick one or more simple exercises and do a total of 100 repetitions)

Just 12-30 minutes is all you need 

and this will make a difference to your energy, emotional and mental state.

Give it a go

These are the strategies that we are currently introducing to the ladies in our Invincible Women 28 Day Confidence & Life Overhaul 

to help them take back control, and feel confident, happy and energised.

When you’re ready here are 4 ways I can help you:

1.Watch my most recent short live impactful video to motivate and inspire you for the day …

2. Join our FREE Invincible Women Community with weekly challenges, coaching advice & support to help you become super confident Invincible Women Facebook Community

3. Every 8 weeks I open up places at our Cheltenham based ‘FitCamp’ where we focus on exercise, nutrition, mindset and habit change.

4. .Work with me more personally on upgrading your mindset and creating powerful change in all areas of life.

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