Recharge & connect
Connect & Recharge

The question of success comes up all of the time in all walks of life

And after studying it for many years I understanding what really is the key to it

… and your ability to stay consistent.

Yep it’s your ability to keep doing what needs to be done repeatedly.

And the secret to being consistent

Managing your energy.

I bet you’re surprised that’s its nothing to do with knowledge, tactics or strategies.

No it’s simply boils down to looking after your physical & mental (which includes emotional) energy

Of course tactics & strategies are important but
Without energy you will struggle to employ them consistently

Energy is vital for everything.

Thinking, acting, will power, motivation, moving

It keeps our mind & body functioning at its best

It’s our own source of usable POWER.

But as with all forms of power it doesn’t last
and has to be replenished

Its like a rechargeable battery or your phone.

The more we use it & draw on it the quicker it gets drained

The things that drain it
> Thinking
> Learning
> Stress
> Negative emotions
> Self criticism
> Low blood sugar
> Lack of sleep

as it starts to run out systems become a bit glitchy & work intermittently.

But just like your phone there are warning signs that this is happening,

You have your very own , ‘battery power low – switch to low power mode’ warning sign

But it can be easy to miss it if you’re not paying attention

It’s a lack of motivation and will power

They are real signs that your lacking energy
Ignore those and you’ll struggle to do things

Keep going and you will find everything slows down & you soon become sluggish, tired, irritable, reactive, emotional and not very productive.

You have to recharge your energy, every day
& its not just food that you need

Recharge with:
> Sleep
> Naps
> Relaxing activities
> Slowing down
> Meditation
> Creative activities
> Being with loved ones & pets
> Positive emotions
> Exercise
> Gratitude & appreciation
> Water
> Food

Most of us realise that sleep and food give us energy and we do these everyday but many of us don’t fully utilise the other ways that we can recharge our energy.

Make it a priority to connect to the things that give you energy every day

Water, exercise, journalling, positive framing, acts of appreciation, meditation, me time, spending quality time connecting with loved ones

are all things that I do EVERY DAY to keep my energy levels topped up.

They are things that we focus on in the Invincible Women programme to put you in POWER so that you can dominate your day, be more consistent & successful.

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