Discover how frustrated women in Cheltenham are dropping inches from their waist, toning up and regaining their confidence with this simple but powerful TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME

If you are seriously fed up and tired of battling with your weight. If you have tried everything from Slimming Clubs to the gym, to classes, pills and shakes but nothing seems to last.

Then it's time for a new approach


8 Week Transformation Programme

Incorporate all of the latest mindset, nutrition and fitness training information in a simple easy to follow programme that will revolutionise how you look, feel and think.

The programmes will open your mind and create a shift in how you view yourself, exercise and nutrition.

The result will be a lifestyle change that will enable you to maintain this transformation for life.

This is a fully supported programme developed by Great Britain athletics coach and founder of Combined Fitness, Kerry Eddie that has helped hundreds of women all over the country to regain their health, transform their body shape, and give them renewed energy and drive.

The Programme Includes


    Our 3 stage simple to follow nutrition plan for Health, Energy and Fat Loss that will increase your metabolism banish cravings and help you unlock your personal fat loss formula so that you can maintain your results forever.


    45 minute High Intensity workouts in a friendly motivating environment. The workouts are fun and invigorating, and will tackle and tone up those problem areas and leave you feeling energised. Choose a minimum of 2 per week from a choice of 9 sessions and feel good about yourself again in just 8 weeks..


    A proven system that will help you lower stress, skyrocket your will power and put you back in control of your health, fitness and life.


    A system to track & review your progress each week, to keep you accountable and ensure you’re getting the right results.


    Coaching and guidance from an elite level female coach to help you get the most out of the programme, to answer your questions and push you to get the best results possible.


    A secret Facebook group providing you with daily motivation and a Family of Like Minded Women going through the same programme pushing and supporting you to achieve your goals.

    Our 8 Week Programme is backed up by our 200% money back guarantee. If you follow the programme, take part in all of the workouts but don’t get results at the end of the 8 weeks then we will pay you.

    This is the easiest way to go from where you are now to where you want to be


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