This Easter you don’t have to feel too guilty about eating chocolate it is not all bad. Chocolate gets a lot of bad press because of its fat and sugar content but it may actually have a number of health benefits associated with it.

Cacao the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate contains active compounds that can lower LDL cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

It also can have a positive effect on mental health, improving mood, combating depression, stress and it also reduces cravings. (Thats why 2 squares a day is included on our Fat Loss nutrition plan.)

Now before you go stealing the childrens Easter eggs, to receive the greatest benefits from chocolate you need to be eating raw cacao. Guess what?

To make the confectionary chocolate that we all love, the raw cacao beans are roasted to form cocoa. The roasting kills off the good stuff and minimizes the health benefits.

Boo hoo.

However, you can make your own chocolate that retains the health benefits & is not loaded with nasty sugars & unhealthy fats.


You can buy cacao as whole beans, nibs, or powder from most health food shops & online at Amazon (or Wholefoods Market my Cheltenham & London readers) and use it to make chocolate.

Look out for labels that read “raw” chocolate or cacao. Avoid
labels that read “roasted” chocolate or cocoa.

Here are a couple of Clean chocolate recipes for you to try this weekend.

Clean Chocolate – Recipe 2

·      3 tablespoons organic coconut oil
·      3 tablespoons almond butter
(* to make your own see below)
·      4 tablespoons raw cacao powder
·      1 tsp vanilla extract
·      1-2 tablespoons organic or raw honey  / agave nectar


You can add Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil, Pecan nuts what ever you like.

Mix all the ingredients together in a glass bowl and place the bowl over a simmering pan of water.
Mix until melted and smooth.
Place in a tin or in separate moulds and freeze for 20 minutes.

Almond Butter

1 cup of crushed almonds, 2 tsp olive oil.

Use a blender to blend the almonds until they begin to form a ball,then drizzle over the oil & blend till makes a butter / paste.

Clean Chocolate Recipe 3 – no nuts


• 1¼ cup of raw cacao butter
• 1 cup raw cacao powder
• 1 tbsp Maca Powder
• ¼ tsp vanilla essence
• 4 tbsp maple syrup
• 1½ tbsp organic coconut oil
• Pinch of sea salt


• Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil in a glass bowl over a simmering pan of water. Mix until melted and smooth.
• Place all of the other ingredients in a food processor , add the melted mixture and process until a paste forms.
• Pour into a silicon mould & cool in fridge or freeze for 20 mins.

ENJOY the Easter Weekend.

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