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Are you wanting to lose body fat, get into better shape and feel more energised?

Not got time to go to the gym or exercise class?

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Is this YOU?

  • Your energy levels are low, you feel tired, irritable and crave sugary food.
  • You are finding it harder and harder to drop the fat around your middle.
  • You are fed up with how your clothes fit & you can not find anything nice to wear.
  • You are tired but can’t sleep at night.
  • You feel like you have tried everything but you are not getting any real results or you are back to where you started.
  • You are confused by all of the conflicting information about what is actually healthy & what you should be eating.
  • You struggle for time to go to the gym or exercise class as you are busy juggling work and the family.



I have been there

As a working mum, believe me I know how tough it can be to  fit in exercise, good nutrition, the kids, work, the other half and everything else… so I have created a  weight loss system especially for those who are short on time and  can not attend my outdoor FitCamp but want to get back in shape & feel great.

FitCamp@home is a complete body transformation programme  that will help you lose weight for good

Our fitCamp@home body transformation programmes are not just about weight loss, they are  about lifestyle changes that will make you  look and feel happier and healthier. Your transformation starts with the 28 Day Fat Loss Acceleration Programme which involves just 21 minutes of exercise a day that you can do at home. In these 28 days  you WILL  drop at least a clothes size and  you WILL  feel more energised, toned, healthier….in fact, you’re body will look and feel completely different.

Here is what you get on our FitCamp@home - Body Transformation Programmes

  • Progressed High Intensity Home workouts - that will help you tone up, get stronger, fitter and will burn fat without even leaving the house.
  • A simple easy to follow nutrition plan programmed to rebalance your body, and optimise your hormones to burn fat, increase energy and reduce cravings.
  • Shopping list, meal ideas and recipes - so you know exactly what you should be eating & do not run out of ideas.
  • Daily motivational and educational support from myself to help you get the most out of the programme, to answer your exercise and nutrition questions and to motivate you to get the best results possible.
  • Access to an online support group - you are not doing the programme alone. Get unlimited support from your own fat loss expert & encouragement from like minded people working towards similar goals.

A money back Guarantee

If in 28 days you don’t feel a lot happier and have NOT dropped INCHES of unwanted body fat I’ll personally refund ALL of your money.

The Exercise Programme

  • Exercise at home

    You can do the workouts at home or at the gym, indoors or outdoors. All you need is 2m square of space.

  • No equipment needed

    No equipment other than a computer or smart phone / tablet to play the videos online or a timer if working out off-line. The workouts use bodyweight exercises.

  • Programme delivered via email & membership website

    Daily motivation & support information is emailed directly to you & the workouts are accessed via a membership website.

The Nutrition Plan

  • Tasty Food

    You will be eating clean nutritious meals that are tasty and are made from basic natural ingredients.

  • Recipes

    You will  receive a shopping list, meal ideas as well as our Fat Loss Formula Cookbook with 80 recipes for you to try .

  • Information & Education

    We will inform & educate you on what to eat for fat loss & optimal health. We will teach you how to change habits so that you never need to diet again.

Fat Blast Formula

The nutrition plan is based on the principles of our 'FAT BLAST FORMULA' which is a tried & tested easy to follow healthy eating plan with the most nutritious foods to balance your hormones and ‘fire up’ your metabolism, enabling you to drop fat from those stubborn areas. It will increase your energy and reduce your cravings, so will banish those mid afternoon slumps. You will be given a weekly plan outlining each day what to eat and when to eat in order to get maximum results. The recipes are not all boring, you can have amazing curries, fish & chips and meals that the children will eat too. This is not a ‘faddy diet’ and there’s no calorie counting, weighing food or starvation. You may find that you eat more than you do currently on this programme

Chicken Curry & Cauliflower Rice

Check out what others who have done the Programme have to say

Dan Eddie

It’s official – this programme produces outstanding results. Just completed the 28 day programme and I am thrilled with the results. Over four inches lost on waist, three inches on hips and smashed my day 1 fitness results into oblivion. (Pictures show 3 months progress – now lost 5 stone)

Dan Eddie Rugby player , Dad Aged 40
Jacqui Grange

I doubted I would have the motivation or the time to do the home workouts but I didn’t skip a day. Feel great and have carried on with exercises now programme has ended. I am much more toned, and although I don’t weigh myself, numerous people have commented that I look like I’ve lost weight. I am wearing summer clothes that I would have hated myself in before the programme.

Jacqui Grange Working mum of 2

I can’t believe the results in so little time, I feel more confident and enjoy putting clothes on rather than just trying to cover up as iused to. Lots of people before I started said oh you don’t need to lose weight! But since I have all have commented on how great I look and asked how I’ve done it!

Amy Parry Mother of 2

Overall I can feel muscle now instead of just flab. Feel fitter and I can run with the dog for longer without being out of breath. Sleep so much better, skin looks brighter.

Fiona Working Mum
Peter Hall

I have lost a lot of weight and feel great fit and healthy. Lots of people have commented on my new slender figure (for a prop anyway) and I have spoken very highly of the group and recommended it to anyone that has asked.   (Has since lose 4 stone as seen in photos)

Peter Hall Rugby Player

This programme is not for everyone

There is no magic wand, no magic pills or shakes, you need to be committed to getting back your health & your body. There is no room for excuses. A change in habits and thinking is needed if you want to say goodbye to the fat forever and want to look and feel amazing.

Yes it is all about changing habits long term. Crash diets do not work. This will educate you & teach you a way of exercising that melts fat, gets you very fit & can be done anywhere anytime with little or no equipment.

If you are  someone who really wants to get maximum results with minimum fuss, without counting points, without preparing faddy foods and without spending hours at the gym, then this programme is for you.

Apply now to dramatically transform your body. 

If you too want to look & feel great then it is time to INVEST in you and take action NOW.

You have got nothing to lose other than fat and a lot of inches so get the results that you deserve.

The initial 28 day Fat Loss Acceleration Programme is brought to you for just £47

(That is less than £2.25 a day for guaranteed results that can change your life.)

To ensure a quality service there are only a limited number of places on each transformation programme and it is by application only as we want to work with those who are ready and committed to getting results.


If you're looking for CHANGE and want to understand exactly what to do...

Then this is perfect for you. Why wait to look & feel great?

Remember if nothing changes then nothing changes.

In  just 28 days on this programme you can be a jean size smaller, feeling energised, more confident, happy, fitter and healthier or you can stay as you are for another month, tired, lethargic unhappy with how your clothes fit & feel.

Take action and invest in yourself before it's too late.

Once your application is submitted, we will review it and call you to discuss your goals and if we know we can help you and you're a good fit, then we will accept you onto the programme.


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