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Invincible Women Coaching Programme

Invincible is a transformation coaching programme for women who want success in all areas of their life. It's totally different to anything else that you may have tried before. It' s an advanced coaching programme that will give you  all of the tools and accountability that you are currently missing. We look at the emotional reasons that have stopped you from achieving what you really want and help you to re-programme your mind so that you can create powerful change and achieve success in all areas of life.

The Programme Includes


    12 in depth video training modules, with accompanying notes & worksheets on how to become an Invincible woman that you can keep and refer back to.


    To help you plan, do the work  and reflect off-line as you work through the programme and create Invincible power.


    A live weekly coaching call with a female coach to help you incorporate the Invincible Way into your life and push you to get the best results possible.


    A system to track & review your progress each week, to keep you accountable and ensure you’re getting the right results.


    Weekly 1:1 live hot spot experience where I will coach you through your individual obstacles and struggles.


    A secret Facebook group where you can ask as many questions as you like and get support and guidance from other women like you who are on the programme, as well as  extra support from me.

    Our Invincible Programme is backed up by our 100% money back guarantee. If you follow the programme for 90 days, and do all of the work required but you’re not happy with the results then we will pay you


    Check out some of our success stories.

    It was great working with Kerry Eddie, Combined Fitness on the Invincible Mind & Body programme. I achieved some clear results in fitness, health and organisation. I definitely felt fitter and healthier and have done since, mainly down to working out what my priorities are and
    how I could fit exercise and healthy eating in to my daily life. There were plenty of ideas for bite sized tasks which really made a difference, and I have felt able to carry these on after the programme finished. Working through the game plans and critical actions really helped me focus on what was important to me and what was achievable. It also made me sit down and examine why I had been making excuses and what was blocking me! I enjoyed the camaraderie of the weekly call and enjoyed the sense of purpose that working through the weekly tasks gave me. Kerry takes no prisoners but is ever so approachable and understanding and gives great feedback. Thank you!


    Who is the 90 Day Invincible Coaching Programme for?

    Invincible is for women who are looking for powerful change, who want to feel amazing and get the best out of life

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