It’s party season

An opportunity to get dressed up  and let the hair down.

Meals out  and yes lots of cocktails.

^^^ It has to be done every now and then.

But a lack of sleep, too much food and alcohol can leave you feeling pretty tired the next day.

There is an aftermath to drinking alcohol.

It is extremely TOXIC. 

The body switches off fat burning and energy use until the alcohol has been processed. 

This can take 3 days.

It dehydrates you, which affects lots of the body processes and makes you feel pretty rough.

It causes us to crave carbs and sugar.

It will effect your sleep, your hunger, cravings, energy levels for a few days. 

Now I have to admit I was tired after our FitCamp Christmas night out when I was coaching the  morning after  but I would have been suffering far more if I hadn’t stuck to my Alcohol Damage Limitation Plan

Yes you can limit the effect of the aftermath on the body.

So you will not feel so rough and will be able to get your body get back on track quicker.

There also will be less damage to the waistline as a result.

The key to my Plan is Lean Greens.

Yes I know I bang on about it

But this time of the year is where it really can be beneficial to your health and waistline.

Alcohol damage limitation plan:  

Down a glass of Lean Greens before you go out drinking and down another dose when you get in. 

It floods the body with goodness, it gives you an energy boost, and the digestive enzymes in it help accelerate the transportation of sugars and starches through your system which stop the hangover carb cravings.

As it is alkaline it also helps neutralise the toxins from the alcohol.  

Now there are a few more elements to this damage limitation plan for those that want to limit the damage on the waistline but I save that info for those who are on our paid programmes.  

So this week if you are out on a Christmas Party and you know that the wine will be flowing then: 

Keep topped up with water before, during and after you have been out drinking.

Double dose on Lean Greens and you will feel a lot better the following day – I guarantee. 

Not got any Lean Greens?

Then use this link: LEAN GREENS  and use the discount code: COMB10 for a 10% saving.

You can make your own greens drink if you’ve got the time and energy to. There are lots of recipes online. Here some of the key ingredients that you’ll find in Lean Greens. SpinachWheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Chlorella, Carrot powder, Spirulina, Brocolli, Blueberry Extract, Blackcurrant Extract,  Green Tea.

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