Worried that you may lose fitness over the Summer holidays?

Do not FEAR

The Back Garden Blitz – Summer Home Workouts are here to keep you on track.



  • Sign up  to receive 6 different 10 minute workouts a week   that you can do at home in the garden or away on holiday during the 6 week summer break.
  • Each week you will be sent the links  to 3 online  videos that  you can view  on your phone, ipad or computer & workout along with me and 3 offline equipment free workouts that you can do anywhere at anytime with a timer.
  • You will be fully supported via a secret Facebook group so you won’t feel like you are doing it all on your own. I will be on hand 7 days a week to motivate and support you.
  • You will be joining a group of like minded men & women, who do not want to let the hard work that they have put in  over the last few months slip away this Summer.
  • You can ask questions, give feedback on the workouts, use the group to be accountable and also offer support to others.
  • The workouts are High Intensity Interval training so are guaranteed to keep your fitness levels up and keep you fat burning.(Not suitable for those new to exercise)
  • All of the exercises can be performed without equipment, however, to get the best out of some of the online workouts you will need a skipping rope, dumbells (or  4 pint plastic milk bottles filled with water or sand), and  a step / stair or low box.

Keep in shape for £25. (That is less than 70p a day – a bargain)

Starts Monday 21st July

    • You do not want to start back in September regretting that you didn’t keep yourself in some sort of shape.
    •  It is easy to find excuses when you are on holiday, at home entertaining the children and when there are no organised sessions to go to.
    • Don’t rely on  good intentions, DO NOT miss out – sign up today and keep on track.



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In undertaking this programme you  release Combined Fitness and its representatives, from liability for any injury or illness, which may incur as a result of, the use or misuse of the exercise and nutritional advice in the Combined Fitness online programmes.