Set yourself three or four goals / targets that you want to achieve at Bootcamp.

These may be related to your feelings e.g. I want to feel good in my clothes or I want to feel more energised.

Your goals may be specific and measureable e.g. I want to lose 3kg by the Summer, 15cm by April or I want to be able to do 10 press ups by the end of this Bootcamp.  They may also be behaviour related e.g. I want to have three alcohol free days!! I want to exercise four times a week. I want to have more energy mid afternoon.

Bring your targets to Bootcamp. You can share them or keep them confidential but please bring them with you!

Research shows that you are more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down!

Reduce Body Fat

If you want to monitor your progress in this area then you need to measure yourself ideally before you attend the first session.

Use a non-stretch measuring tape and measure in centimetres at the following sites:

1. Upper Arm – mid-point of the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

2. Chest.

3. Waist – the slimmest part.

4. Hips & stomach – biggest part below the belly button.

5. Thigh – mid point of the thigh between the hip and the knee.


The first rule in Fat Loss is that you can not out-train a bad diet. Get your nutrition right and your Bootcamp workouts will take care of the rest. If you eat clean nutritious food you will remove all of the toxins that are stored within the adipose fat cells, once these toxins are removed it then becomes easy to drop fat.

Remember – we eat to feed our cells, giving them the correct nutrition to grow and repair. Indulging in foods full of toxins and that the body finds hard to digest, does not give our cells the nutrients needed so the body asks for more food in search of gaining the nutrients needed. Without the correct nutrients the body becomes diseased, many of today’s illnesses are manmade from our own indulgences in foods we should never be eating.

See you at the next  session.

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