Combined Fitness Clean Eating Veggie cookbook is perfect whether you’re a vegetarian or you just fancy a few meat free meals.



There are 90 Clean, nutritious recipes to excite the taste buds

  • 30 breakfast
  • 30 lunch
  • 30 dinner


They are all new recipes to those provided on the Fat Loss Acceleration Programme & H.E.L.P.

As with the Clean Eating cookbook all of the recipes are satisfying and  are made from highly nutritious natural foods. By following the recipes for 30 days in a pick & mix style (Choosing a different recipe at each meal to ensure you get a variety of nutrients) you will actually see:

  • a reduction in body fat,
  • Less bloatedness
  • less fatigue.

You can expect to see a loss of upto 10lbs over the 30 days


The book is on offer at  £9.99 to the first 30 customers.

So right NOW for £9.99  you get:

The 30 Breakfasts, 30 Lunches and 30 Dinners in a Recipe style cookbook.

The book is currently only available as a download.