No Pain No Gain

I actually agree with this little quote to some extent.

That’s not to say that you have to almost kill yourself to get anything in life.


 ‘AVOIDANCE’ of discomfort is one of the main reasons that people aren’t living the lives they want.

They avoid difficult conversations, working out, eating the right foods, making that call they need to make, avoid playing with their children

The list goes on.

So if you are stuck struggling to get results in your life and be where you want to be you have two choices.

You can either keep avoiding things and NOT get the results you want

or you can step up and head into battle.

The difference?

Your mindset…

and having someone to push you and guide you.

We are ALL capable of so much more than we THINK.

THINK being the key here

as it’s our  minds that hold us back.

The 40% Rule

The Navy SEALS have a 40% rule which is their secret to mental toughness.

“When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done.”

So when your mind is telling you to stop, your body has actually only used up 40% of it’s potential.

There are plenty of stories around to back this up and some scientific research.

I urge you to THINK about this next time you want to give up on something.

If you’re not getting results in your life and are avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Then it’s time to start reprogramming your mindset and retraining your brain so that you can push yourself to achieve more.

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