No its not a sex post.

Getting inspired to day while out for some lunchtime fresh air.
I was listening to a podcast that talked about creating passion rather than pain.

Let me explain.

Garrett J White who does the Wake Up Warrior Daily fuel podcast has so much energy and enthusiasm that people are always asking him how he manages it when he leads such a busy life.


He chooses to be passionate and puts time and energy into CREATING it.

Passion is fuel, the ability to get you going.

In order to create passion you need

Focus, purpose and direction.

This is where most of us go wrong.

We don’t know where were are going,

we just go though each day not really conscious of why things matter to us.

We are just surviving, its then easy to get get bored, to loose your energy and drive, to have no passion.

This can happen in any area of your life.

you can lose your passion for your work, with your body, your mind, your relationships with family, friends partners etc.
When you don’t have any real purpose or direction you do silly things,

you sabotage yourself, you find pain.

You turn to drink, to eating comfort foods, to not getting enough sleep, to overworking, to spending too much money, to living on Facebook, to ignoring your relationships, to blaming others.

The solution

Create some passion by finding some purpose and direction,

a place that you want to go with your life,

set yourself some goals.

This can be as simple as dropping a clothes size, running a 10K race and raising money for charity, getting the fun and excitement back in your relationships.
If you want help to create some passion and move away from pain

Then keep your eyes on your inbox as I am planning a one day live event in March.

At this event I will be sharing with you the mindset and physical tools that I have used to get out of a rut

to be strong enough physically and mentally to cope with the stresses of life

and regain the confidence, purpose and passion that I had when I was an elite athlete.
I will show you how you too can transform your mind, body and relationships

So that you can take back control of
your life, create positive lasting  change and live the life that you really desire.



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