Are you wanting to lose body fat, get into better shape and feel more energised? Not got time to go to the gym or exercise class?

Is this you?:

  • You want to get into seriously great shape and feel more energised
  • You want to lose weight and keep it off
  • You want to tone up in all the right places & get stronger
  • You want to eat more and overcome cravings
  • Are you fed up with conflicting weight loss information

Then the Combined Fitness – FitCamp@home – 28 Day Fat Loss Acceleration Programme can help you


It is a fully integrated exercise & nutrition programme that is a tried and tested system based on science that guarantees that you will drop fat, feel more energised and healthy or your money back.

This system created by Commonwealth Games Heptathlete, Great Britian athletics coach and Personal Trainer Kerry Eddie has helped busy men & women all over the country to regain their health & body shape, and has given them renewed energy and drive.

The exercise programme includes 28 x 10 Minute intense Daily Workouts that
  • you can do at home (Includes 18 new follow along video workouts)
  • requires no equipment (dumbells can be used to increase intensity on the strength workouts)
  • uses high intensity interval training which is proven to get you fitter faster
  • has an after burn effect so you will continue to burn fat for up to 2 days.
  • gets you stronger

The workouts are intense but there are modifications and you work at your own level.

( NOW suitable for those new to exercise)


FLAP includes our unique ‘FAT BLAST FORMULA’ that is a simple easy to follow healthy eating plan with the most nutritious foods to ‘fire up’ your metabolism, melt fat fast, increase energy and reduce cravings.


This proven fat loss method & support programme
  • guarantees results
  • is not a ‘faddy diet’ and there’s no calorie counting, weighing food or starvation
  • will help you make the correct food choices that will give you more energy, improve your health and ensure that you drop body fat.
  • will educate you on what to eat for fat loss & optimal health
  • will change the way you think about food and the things you want to eat.
  • will teach you how to change habits so that you never need to diet again.

 FitCamp@home – 28 Day Fat Loss Acceleration Programme (FLAP)


  • 28 x 10 minute intense daily workouts that you can do at home
  • 28 day gradual detox & clean eating plan (FAT BLAST FORMULA)
  • Daily guidance, help, support & motivation
  • Secret Facebook Group for whole group support & encouragement

Only: £47

To ensure quality of service there are only a limited number of places on each 28 day programme so don’t delay.

Apply for the next programme NOW.

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• You too can get results like these:



This is after 28 day FLAP & 3 months maintainence

Measurements Day 28
Waist: minus 4½” (-11cm)
Thighs: minus 1½” (- 3.5cm)
Chest: minus 3¼” (-9.5cm)
Hips: minus 4” (-10cm)
Upper Arm: minus ¾” (-2cm)
Weight: minus 2 Stone 1lb

It’s official – this programme produces outstanding results. Just completed the 28 day programme and I am thrilled with the results. Over four inches lost on waist, three inches on hips and smashed my day 1 fitness results into oblivion.




Sarah Doleman Testimonial

Chest: minus 2″,

Waist: minus 2.5″,

Hips & stomache: minus 4″,

Thighs: minus 1″

Upper: minus 1″.

We are both absolutely delighted and CANNOT thank you enough. We feel and look so much better. People are noticing and saying our complexions are good too. We will both stick to the exercise and modified eating plan. Thanks soooo much x

Bec’s & Jane

I have lost a lot of weight and feel great fit and healthy. Lots of people have commented on my new slender figure (for a prop anyway) and I have spoken very highly of the group and recommended it to anyone that has asked.


Kerry, thank you so much for your support and advice during the last month!! I have actually enjoyed the experience, especially the noticeable results!!! I am going to try and stick with the clean eating principles as I feel much healthier, and the workouts have given me some excellent alternative options to my usual gym or run!! If anyone asks – FLAP is the way forward!!!!!!! :-))


Upper arm 26.5 (-2cm)
Chest 84 (-8.5cm)
Waist 70 (-7.5cm)
Hips & stomach 86 (-3.5cm)
Thigh 52.5 (-2.5cm)

Just finished ’28 Day FLAP’ (Fat Loss Acceleration Programme). To start with was very hard work, but soon got into it and now delighted with the results. I lost 7.5lbs, thats just over half a stone in 28 days. Feeling and looking much trimmer.




The information in the Fat Loss Acceleration Programme is not intended to replace medical advice or substitute a physician. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health-care professional. I am not a nutritionalist or GP so can only advise you. I have studied and researched fatloss & nutiriton & have tested everything myself. Consult your physician before you begin using any new dietary supplement, nutrition, or exercise program especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have any chronic conditions such as liver or kidney problems, thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases. A drastic change in diet can be stressful to the body, and thus may compound existing problems.
By using and following the exercise and advice offered within the Fat Loss Acceleration Programme, you understand and accept that whilst all necessary precautions have been undertaken to ensure a safe programme, exercise can pose some inherent risks of injury.
In undertaking this programme you release Combined Fitness and its representatives, from liability for any injury or illness, which may incur as a result of, the use or misuse of the exercise and nutritional advice in the Fat Loss Acceleration Programme.