Are you really doing enough to keep your body fit? – The NEAT way to burn-off calories

According to recent studies, even regular vigorous gym  / Bootcamp sessions can’t counter the negative effects of staying in your seat while at work.
In fact, the best way to peak fitness is to keep moving from nine to five.
Dr James Levine, from America’s Mayo Clinic, says lengthy periods of sitting can cancel out the health benefits of regular exercise.
Instead, simple everyday activities such as parking a little further from the office and walking the extra distance, standing while making phone calls or taking ten minutes in every hour to stretch your legs can make a huge difference to your physical well-being.
That’s because such movement increases something called “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”, or ‘NEAT’ – the energy that is expended (calories burned) doing everyday activities.
“While in previous generations our work and recreational activities involved regularly standing up and moving the body’s muscles, today’s world of cars, desk jobs, TVs and computers has reduced our daily NEAT dramatically.

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