If you want to enjoy the FULL benefits of exercise, to improve your health, to get fitter, stronger, have more stamina & energy so that you can keep up with the kids, be focused and more productive at work, get through  your busy week without feeling constantly tired & lethargic then  you need to stop exercising  as it is not helping you very much.



What do I mean by  exercise?

Well going for a  run or bicycle ride when you feel like it  or going to the gym for a few weeks and working  with no set goal or programme, just going through the motions,  going to a pay as you go  exercise class once a week and doing the same routine week after week.


If you want to make a real change for the better and be at your best both physically & mentally then you need to follow a structured progressive programme of regular exercise that has a goal. You need to TRAIN not just exercise.


So what is the difference?

Exercise is “any exertion of the body”, training is  “exercising with a plan to achieve a health / fitness goal”


To train you need an  exercise plan / programme that incorporates the principles of training.

A programme that:

  • works you at the right intensity to get results.
  • does not work you to complete exhaustion every session but  does push you out of your comfort zone enough to get results.
  • is periodised, so that it cycles the type of training  (e.g. continuous aerobic, Interval HIIT, resistance strength etc) along with  the intensity & the workload to maximise your fitness gains & minimise the risk of over-training & injury.
  • is balanced and  trains all components of fitness & the whole body.
  • is structured to ensure that you have the necessary recovery to enable you to improve  in the shortest time frame without injury or illness.
  • is varied and enjoyable, so that you adhere to it.


You do not have to have a coach / trainer, but you do need some knowledge to train effectively. (Like with most things you can go DIY but hiring a professional saves a lot of time & usually produces a better result.)


So, set yourself some SMART goals,  go seek out the knowledge, plan your programme & start TRAINING to be a better version of YOURSELF.

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