focus-384x255I have been working flat out this week trying to get stuff done before the half term break. Filming completed  for the Busy Mum 2 Fit Mum trial which starts in just over a weeks time. Anyway  it got me thinking, why do some people seem to get some much done & so much accomplished while others struggle?  Why are some more successful than others?

Then it hit me….. 

FOCUS – Follow – One – Course –  Until – Successful

This is true for everything no matter how big or small. (From housework to running a marathon to successful business owner). 

I have a big problem with getting distracted (it is inherited). I also try to multi task & end up getting nothing completed and then I  spend 10 times longer than I should trying to get too many things done. Overwhelm, stress, failure are often the end result. (Housework, fitness & business all suffer).


When you keep your focus on the end goal you are able to block out the distractions, the obstacles, the pain, the disappointment & you are then more likely to actually get there, to achieve success, your dream what ever it is that you want to get done.   This could be getting fitter, losing weight, getting a promotion, pushing your business forward, and for me getting the housework done!!


If it is a big challenge, to stay focused break your actions / what needs to be done into smaller steps / stages or short term goals, and  make sure that you focus on each stage and see it through to the finish.


Remember “challenges”, “long term goals” & “dreams” are  not easy to accomplish. If they were then everyone would be successful.


Success is never achieved overnight. (Remember the compound effect) It is something that you have to keep working at, by being consistent and determined. 


Don’t be put off by failure, face it, deal with it,  learn from it, re-evaluate and re-plan. 


Successful people are those who presevere when everyone else quits

To achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, set your goal, be specific & do not lose FOCUS until you achieve it. 

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