There never seems to be enough time. When people ask me how I am, I say “good but busy, there is not enough days in the week blaa blaa blaa”. When I am working with my Combined Event coaches and athlete’s efficient use of time is a vital ingredient to success. I have to keep reminding them that there are 7 or 10 events to master when everyone else in athletics has one or two events to focus on. The athletes cannot afford to spend time doing their drills while having a chat  “even if it is only the warm up”. Every second and every action counts. When I talk to busy mums who are juggling, family and work, they struggle to find time to look after themselves but will spend plenty of time on facebook or watching tv each day. A lot of my male clients have careers that mean they are away from home each week and they spend a lot of their time travelling, in meetings or on the phone so haven’t got time to prepare healthy food or plan their exercise regime properly. Yet they will spend their journey time listening to music or 5 live rather than educating themselves with a business or personal development audiobook. When we are failing or are struggling to do what we should be doing we use the very valid  ‘ I haven’t got time excuse’If we want to be successful in our lives whether that be at our job, in bringing up our families at sport and if we are to be the best possible versions of ourselves  – we can not afford to waste any time or energy. We have to find ways to maximize our time and use it wisely. Time is non renewable. You can-not buy more. 

If you want to succeed you must be prepared.


SUCCESS = Planning & Preparation


The more efficient you are with your time in preparation (that includes planning, practice, training, and even shopping!) the more effective your performance & the closer you will get to achieving your dreams.


Every moment wasted is a moment that you could have used to become better, to learn and improve, to help someone, to educate, to look after yourself, to spend time with your family or a loved one.


It is time to INVEST in yourself, to make a plan for change to stop making excuses & be more efficient with YOUR TIME.


If you don’t plan and make a CHANGE then you will be stuck where you are now making the same excuses for not being happy, successful and fulfilling your dreams.


As my tag line says “IT’S TIME TO INVEST IN YOU”

This week think & plan ways to be more efficient with your time. Let me know if you have any innovative ideas!!

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