Yes to lose weight is the number one thing that most women who are looking to improve themselves say that they want

But I have to argue that focusing on it is not a good idea.

I know this sounds crazy from someone who says they specialises in Women’s health, fitness, weight loss and mindset.

Let me explain why I believe it’s crazy.

Most people spend years trying to do it, some succeed, but even fewer manage to keep their results long term.

Yet women keep trying and for some it completely rules their life.

But the real crazy part

is that it’s not what most women really want anyway.

What most women actually want is to be happy,

to feel good about themselves,

to live a long and fulfilled life with those that they care about.

And before you say it, being a healthy weight and having a body shape that you’re happy plays a big part in that.

I agree

But losing weight long term through diet, exercise and some accountability is extremely difficult to achieve for most busy modern women.

We are bombarded with info on diet & exercise but what are our results?

Diet & exercise is just a ‘putting paper over the cracks’, ‘sticky plaster over a splinter’ solution that is not going to get you what you really want long term.

Yes it can be a great start but why continue to keep trying the same thing when you have failed a number of times before?

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

― Albert Einstein

To lose weight once and for all

and over come our problems and struggles

you have to treat the underlying cause

our lifestyle and beliefs.

You must change the way you think if you want to change the way you look and feel.

You have to change how you think about nutrition and exercise.

You have to change how you manage the stresses of modern living

in order to change your habits and achieve lifelong results.

Yes our thoughts are blocking us from living in a body of health.

Food and exercise are as easy or as hard as we make them.

We are failing to do the right things externally due to our internal thoughts.

Our thoughts are affecting how we feel and how we behave.

Our fears and limiting beliefs mixed with our busy eventful lives cause us stress and suffering.

And when we cant deal with what life throws at us we look for the quick fix.

We sedate ourselves with food, alcohol, drugs etc

And so the cycle continues.

So the solution to feeling happy, calm, in control, good about yourself is not another diet and exercise programme

It’s building your confidence, changing how you think and react to situations,

and generally increasing your capacity to deal with stress so that you can remain strong, calm and focused.

You will then make better decisions and healthier choices.

Now if you want to go into more depth with me on ‘building confidence, and improving your ability to stay focused & calm’

I’m starting an Invincible Women 5 Day Challenge on Monday 29th October.

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