The first time I was recommended a greens drink was when I did my first ever detox in January 2012 I remember seeing a video of the trainer mixing it up with water & it looking like pond water she then downing it . It looked disgusting & did not convince me to try it despite the claims that it would help the detox process. Over this last year I have been introduced to other greens drinks & have read so much about the benefits of them but hadn’t been tempted to try as I already figured that my nutrition was pretty good and that I didn’t need it. It wasn’t until I started getting fitness business advice from Paul Mort, one of the UK’s top weight loss experts that I was totally educated on the benefits of greens drinks and tried it for myself. Paul created his own Greens drink – Lean Greens as he was fed up with the consistency and rancid taste of the green drinks on the market. I couldn’t believe how neutral the taste of Lean Greens was when I first tired it. After a week of taking it I was looking forward to my morning glass even more than a cup of coffee. It is refreshing & so jam packed with nutrients that just drinking it makes you feel energised & good about yourself.

Lean Greens drink

Key Benefits of Lean Greens – Greens drink

* It is going to help you get healthier faster & the side effect of that is that you will lose body fat, you will have more energy & you will get sick less often. A healthy body does not carry much fat.

* A glass full of lean greens contains a plate full of vegetables. It is a great way to get more nutrients in and it is the nutrients from food that the body craves not food itself.

* It is not a meal replacement it is a supplement that can be added to what you already are eating. Ideal for those who do not get as many vegetables as they would like in their diet.

* Lean Greens balances the PH of the body. It alkalizes the blood and improves its oxygen carrying capacity making it the easier to drop body fat and harder for illnesses to develop.

* It is best taken in the morning when your body is most acidic and pre-workout as the green tea in it will help your body free up more fat cells when training.

* It is high in plant protein so will help you feel full & with no affect on blood sugar levels.

* It detoxifies heavy metals, protects the liver against herbicides, pesticides & alcohol.

* It helps detoxify excess oestrogen’s which helps women who carry fat around their legs & men who have man boobs.

* The latest blend tastes good, is not chalky and uses a high quality natural sweetener. You can add Lean Greens powder to anything & it does not overpower it.

To hear  these benefits in detail  from Paul himself watch the  interview that Paul gave to  fitness professional George Anderson. (Just so you know Paul is known  in the fitness industry as someone willing to rock the boat & doesnt hold back in interviews so don’t be offended )

So to find out even more & to order yourself a tub click here to visit the


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