Lean Greens – The benefits of spinach

Here’s just some of the benefits of spinach.

* Calorie for Calorie it’s one of THE top foods to have in your diet as it’s low in calories and high in NUTRIENTS.

* It contains up to 13 different antioxidants and anti- cancer flavonoids!

* Can help to detoxify excess estrogen

* Can help to protect the liver from herbicides and pesticides

* KILLER bone builder, it contains 200% of your RDA of VITAMIN K – this helps the bones absorb calcium.

* It also contains a large amount of Iron Calcium, Magnesium and manganese.

* High in Vitamin C, which helps with immunity and blood pressure, amongst other health issues.

* High in Vitamin A, which stops cholesterol being oxidized and helps to fight infection

There are actually more benefits to adding spinach to your diet but these are the main reasons why  it is one of the most prominent ingredients in the new Lean Greens blend.

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Here is a little challenge for you: How many servings of vegetables do you actually have in an average week? 

Total them up.

How Many?

 If it is less than 20 then you need to do something about that. 

You should be having more than 20 servings a week of various vegetable in order to get all nutrients you need to keep your cells & body systems working efficiently.

Lean Greens is ideal for those struggling to buy & prepare adequate quantities  of fresh vegetables & fruit.

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