HEALTH – is a state of complete physical, mental and social

All three of these factors affect each other and our lifestyle is
the key to them all. Our lifestyle can build & protect our health
or it can attack & damage our health. Without health you will
always be struggling and you can not be your best. The way we live
is as important as how often we exercise and how much we eat. It is
the a main reason that people fail to sustain any body change and
weight loss. Stress and a lack of sleep have a grave effect on our
hormones & metabolism. As explained by Dr Jade Teta, “Trying to out
exercise and under eat while continuing to deal with stress and
poor sleep is like continuing to drive a car with a flat tire. You
may be able to get to where you are going, but you have less
control, must drive much slower and your risk of having an accident
and/or permanently ruining your car’s wheels dramatically rises.

A healthy lifestyle can be maintained through good clean nutrition,
adequate sleep, regular exercise, avoiding disease, relaxing and
enjoying yourself. We all know this but we let the stresses of
modern living get in the way and then we look for the quick fix. We
go on a crash diet, join the gym and expect everything to be
sorted in a few weeks so that we look good on the beach or in our
little black dress.

You must look at the wider picture and beyond feeling good in your
beach wear this Summer (if it actually gets warm enough). You must
accept that real change does not happen in just 28 days. It takes
years of perfecting, and it is a challenge. If it was easy then we
would all be healthy, happy and successful.

So focus on health rather than weight loss and understand the
impact that your lifestyle is having on your health and well-being
(Is it protecting or attacking?).

Make changes one step at a time, be consistent and patient until
they become permanent.

Face your challenges and keep your focus on the goal.

Take action and strive to be the best that you can be.

Learn from your mistakes along the way and don’t give up – those
who are successful are willing to take action and keep pushing
when others give in.

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