Two Combined Fitness members  this week have retold stories of how their clean eating is really working for them.  One member, who  has completed 2 weeks of the Health, Exercise & Lifestyle Programme where we focus on detoxing the body, went for her first ever massage last week. She definitely deserved one after two weeks of Outdoor Fitness Workouts, (AKA  Bootcamp)!

At the end the massage therapist who she had never met before told her that she had very little toxins in her body! She was amazed. However, her friend who had the appointment before her was told she had a lot of toxins in her body. She was very pleased that her clean eating detox was actually working for her. 

During a massage the toxins that collect in the muscles are flushed out which can then help with the detoxification process. More on this below.


The second member  who has been eating clean for over a year now, recently suffered some serious abrasions to the skin and was amazed at how quickly these abrasions healed up. They had not experienced healing like this before so it had to be down to the fact that the body’s repair  and rejuvenation systems were working very efficiently  just like the T-X  in Terminator 3.


In previous articles  on detoxing we  have  explained what a detox  is & why it is important for fat loss, but as in the healing example above detoxifying is also important for other health & well-being reasons.


Let me ask you whether you


– are experiencing bouts of diarrhea and constipation  (often diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

– get  headaches  for no reason?

– are  more tired than you think you should be?

– suffer from sinuses that are  stuffy or  a constant nasal drip?

– have adult-onset allergies?

– are  plagued with skin rashes and irritations that come and go?

– have any other   condition  that you  just  learn to live with it?


All of these can be  related to toxic accumulation in the body. The toxic accumulation may not be the cause of the problem, but it can make the condition far worse.  Many people mask  symptoms with medication, which actually increases their  toxic accumulation. If  you instead choose to detoxify your body you would have a much better chance of alleviating or curing the problems mentioned above. Often people do not even realize how unhealthy they have become  until they actually regain their health. I thought I was fairly healthy until I did a detox & then changed the way I ate. Prior to this I did suffer from IBS type symptoms, I had skin rashes on my forearms & shins when I became tired or stressed. I suffered from tiredness in the afternoons. Nothing major just minor ailments that I could manage.


The body’s immune system is constantly working to defend against toxins to maintain the homeostasis ( the ability of the body to maintain  balance)

 A strong immune system quickly fights off and destroys invading toxins which can be a chemical, a virus or another live organism. It does this by expelling the toxin through perspiration, saliva, urine, feces, earwax, and the sinuses . If this does not work then the next line of defence is ‘inflammation’ (swelling) and you may be diagnosed with an ‘itis’ as in tonsillitis, dermatitis etc. If the body still can not handle the toxin it is then stored somewhere away from the cells that it wants to damage.  It can be stored in the fat cells, or as a swelling, cyst,  or tumour. If the toxin continues to overpower the system and is allowed to enter the cell then real damage is caused which can lead to organ damage & disease.

A weakened,  overloaded immune system struggles  to respond to a toxic invasion, and sometimes may  not respond at all, (I’m sure you have heard people  being struck by serious illness with out any symptoms or warning signs!!).


Once the body is detoxed and cleansed the organs (especially the kidneys, liver) and the cells work will work more efficiently. The environment in which we live  is very toxic so our bodies are constantly working to detoxify. A detox diet will clear away the backlog of toxins that may be clogging up your liver, kidneys, lymphatics, and intestines. This will  allow the body to repair while it continues to detoxify the new everyday toxins.


Back to massage. Toxins and other  general cell waste often collects in the  tissues  that create it, such as lactic acid in the muscles , or the  by-product of metabolism in  the liver. Toxins can collect during the transportation and filtration process in the kidneys, blood stream or lymphatic system. Toxins collect in the feet because of gravity and poor circulation and in the intestinal walls  causing poor digestion. Therapies such as massage and reflexology help to flush out the trapped toxins and can speed up the detoxification process. As well as being functional these therapies are very relaxing and can help reduce levels of stress.  


A massage or reflexology treatment is great way to pamper yourself – you do not need to reward yourself with food when you have worked hard or reached a goal, so try & get out of that habit –  treatments and many other activities are much better rewards.


They are the perfect remedy for tired stressed bodies. They speed up the  detoxification and self healing process and make you feel really relaxed and calm.

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