1. Give your body a rest from Alcohol – It is a toxin that your body doesn’t know what to do with. This will help the liver recover & help with fat burning (body uses the alcohol as a fuel rather than fat).
2. Detox your food – no more beige food (ditch the leftovers), processed food, gluten, & sugar. Go back to basic natural food that is bright in colour (fruit & veg) & make as much as possible from scratch.
3. Increase your water intake – helps detox & flush out the system, regulate hormones, avoid dehydration (which can cause the body to retain fluids – bloating).
4. Keep a food diary to check on what you are eating & the nutritional balance
5. Start your fitness regime. – Exercise with a partner, friend, group to ensure you stay motivated & committed.
6. Do a strength programme that involves whole body exercises to burn more calories in a shorter time.
7. If you have a basic level of fitness do HIIT workouts for fast effective results – High Intensity Interval Training (Circuits, Bootcamp!)
8. Get more fresh air & sunshine – At least 10 mins a day to boost your vitamin D, immune system, mood, & brain function.
9. Get some quality sleep & get your body clock back to normal – A good 8 hours is essential for health & well-being, brain development, recovery. Get up at the same time even when not at work & enjoy the extra time being AWAKE.
10. Book something that you need to work towards.

New Year – New Start – New Goals – New body measurements.
Let me know if you need help with setting, monitoring & sticking to your goals.

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