Preparation -The key to success is in your preparation. 

This is something that I have learned through my time as an athlete, teacher, coach and personal trainer.
Leaving no stone unturned in your preparation will mean that you can face your challenges with confidence and are less likely to be knocked off the path to your goals.
If you don’t prepare and plan meals, training sessions, rest, what you are going to say to those who try to lead you astray, then you simply won’t succeed. When it comes to health and fitness most people go into the gym or exercise without a real plan of exactly what they are going to do or what they want to achieve from their session. Those who do plan have a set of objectives and goals for every session and they know exactly what they need to do to achieve them and take them closer to their long-term goal. Many people believe that by simply doing some exercise they will get in shape. This is not the case in the long run. You need to train not just exercise. You need to follow the principles of training in order to train and improve your fitness. You need to progressively overload & stress the systems of the body. If you do the same thing over and over you do get fitter and the activity becomes easier. The body adapts to cope, you become more efficient and use less energy. (less energy = less calories burned). You need to keep stressing & shocking the body to keep improving and burning off those calories. This is where the planning comes in. The training needs to be carefully thought through in order to gain the maximum benefits. Too much stress and the body breaks down which can lead to injury,  too little stress and the body stays the same or you lose fitness. Next time you are at a planned  exercise session – make sure you know what your goals / objectives are & also the coach or trainers goals / objectives  for the session. That way you can make sure you get the most out of the training.

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