Do you have this vital ingredient to success?

Do you believe that you can be more successful & happier or do you think that you are stuck where you are?

Do you want change or are you afraid of what it will bring?

Do you really believe in yourself  because if you don’t then you are preventing yourself from reaching your true potential & being happier.

The reasons you come up with for not achieving your goals can usually be traced back to not believing you can do it.

“I am not disciplined enough”, “I have not got enough motivation”, “I am too unfit and will be embarrassed”. If you find yourself saying theses things then you need some strategies to build & protect your self confidence.

Strategies to to build your self confidence

Reminding yourself of your accomplishments and goals that you have achieved.

  • Write down on a card your strengths, attributes and positive qualities (E.g. I listen carefully & concentrate)
  • Describe your recent accomplishments, or things that have gone well recently, what advantages that you may have. (E.g. I improved in my fitness test last month, I went to every Bootcamp, I have done exercise now for 3 months).
  • List factors that give you confidence in certain situations.

Keep the card somewhere where you will see it on a regular basis – such as by the computer, on the fridge, or on a mirror & keep it regularly  updated.

Believing in yourself and having others believing in you is something that will only be developed when you challenge yourself.  You need to step out of that comfort zone & give it a go.

Believe you can do it, imagine yourself achieving your goal and hold on to the feeling of achievement, success, confidence, and use this to motivate you when things get tough.

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