Dan b4&after

It’s official – this programme produces outstanding results. Just completed the 28 day programme and I am thrilled with the results. Over four inches lost on waist, three inches on hips and smashed my day 1 fitness results into oblivion.


Pete FLAP pics

I have lost a lot of weight and feel great fit and healthy. Lots of people have commented on my new slender figure (for a prop anyway) and I have spoken very highly of the group and recommended it to anyone that has asked.


Since we finished I have lost another 8kgs and I am up to 20kgs loss…having to buy a new wardrobe is very annoying but feeling great and still following the vast majority of the diet on a 80:20 rule .



FLAP 2 Result



We are both absolutely delighted and CANNOT thank you enough. We feel and look so much better. People are noticing and saying our complexions are good too. We will both stick to the exercise and modified eating plan. Thanks soooo much x

Bec’s & Jane

Kerry, thank you so much for your support and advice during the last month!! I have actually enjoyed the experience, especially the noticeable results!!! I am going to try and stick with the clean eating principles as I feel much healthier, and the workouts have given me some excellent alternative options to my usual gym or run!! If anyone asks – FLAP is the way forward!!!!!!! :-))



Tina 28 Day FLAP Pics copy






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