Detoxing is more than just giving up the alcohol & chocolates, it is a complex process with key stages to it, that all take time.

Rather than heading for the detox pills & supplements to cleanse the body try “cleaning up your nutrition.”

Clean eating is eating natural foods that are free from toxins & are nutrient rich. Eating  quality organic vegetables (as many greens as posible) and fruits. If possible grass fed, free range meats,wild fish, and  drinking lots of clean water.

Keep it Clean – Green (organic) & Lean.

Clean eating means removing processed foods that contain chemicals, and preservatives. Removing  foods that are void of any nutrients & foods that the body struggles to handle & process. Such as refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, wheat, gluten and dairy.

When the body is clean it is easier to drop fat. The liver which is one of the most important organs in the body( as it performs hundreds of tasks that are vital to life) is responsible for getting rid of waste products and toxins from the body. If it is overrun with toxin it  will struggle to get rid of them and the body stores them in the fat cells where they can not harm the rest of our organs.  While the liver is dealing with a high level of toxins its other functions are seriously affected. This includes storing sugars, regulating fat metabolism, producing and maintaining the balance of hormones, producing enzymes and other proteins, repairing damage and renewing itself.

This means that the body is under stress, is unable to repair itself and makes it difficult to burn fat.

We are exposed to hundreds of toxins everyday not only from our food but also in our tap water, air pollution, household chemicals, plastics, smoking and the list goes on.

Unless we limit our exposure to toxins and allow the liver to get rid of them the body will always be in a state of stress. If you follow a crash diet that does not focus on cleansing the body of toxins then as you lose fat (which will be hard work) the toxins are released back into the blood supply. If levels remain high the body will then go into protection mode so will start sto ring fat again.

What is a detox?

Cleansing & detoxing simply means feeding the body the fuel and nutrients that it needs to function correctly.  If you get the body healthy then losing weight and maintaining weight loss is easier.



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Clean Eating

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