Many of us start to hibernate in the Winter.  As the days get shorter the reduced  sunlight can cause a lack of vitamin D and lower serotonin levels which in turn can dampen our moods and mental outlook. We feel down and just want to head for the food cupboard and the sofa in the evenings to hibernate. The exercise regime goes out the window & we start to feel sluggish, tired &  begin putting on weight.

Not what we want as we approach the festive season.


Tips to keep you on track in the Winter months.


1. Have a plan with objectives & goals.

2. Make time in your diary – exercise appointments where you block out some time for YOU.

3. Commit to go to a class, workout with a friend or partner, join a programme or hire a trainer for 4-6 weeks.

4. Workout in the morning so that it is done for the day or do half in the morning & half in the evening if you a re stuck for time.

5. Do short high intensity workouts for maximum gains in minimum time.

6. Throw some winter veg & meat in the slow cooker in the morning so that when you come home in the evening you have a healthy meal waiting for you rather than seeking the  sugar & starchy carbs in the kitchen.

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