Changing habits – Do you blame a lack of will power for failing?

According to a new UK survey 90% of women have been on a diet and women spend an average of SEVENTEEN years of their lives trying to lose weight.  Of these women 33% blame a lack of willpower for not sticking with a diet. This just goes to show how ineffective diets are. Trying to use will power alone is futile as will power is affected by stress, sleep, and nutrition. Will power also becomes exhausted through the day as we continually draw on it through stress and for self-control.

Will power can be trained to get stronger through a gradual process, so what starts out to be difficult gradually gets easier. New behaviours become habits and temptations become less overwhelming.
Take small steps towards your goal and gradually change your new behaviours into habits . Then when they become easy take the next step forward and keep going. Develop daily habits that will impact your future and shape you to be the person you want to be.

This is why deprivation and restriction diets DO NOT work long term, they are not realistic and are not gradual enough to change behaviour.

Programming your mind for change and not just a quick fix is where most people go wrong.

“I’m going to diet after I have had this baby

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